How to Sync iPhone with Outlook?

How to Sync iPhone with Outlook?:IPhone is the most used Smartphone and Outlook is the most used email manager software from Microsoft. If you have an account with any of the email service providers like Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, etc, all your mails can sync with the outlook and it will be easier to maintain your account.

If you have both the iPhone and the Outlook then you will be glad to read that you can sync both. It’s very easy to set up sync between the iPhone and Outlook. You will be able to transfer contacts easily. Apart from Contacts, you can sync calendar data as well. You can try sync your iPod touch as well with the Outlook.


You need a few things in order to set up the sync between your iPhone or iPod touch and the Outlook from Microsoft. You need the following things,

  1. iTunes installed on your PC.
  2. Outlook set up on your PC.
  3. iPhone or iPod touch to PC connector (original cable)

Steps to Setup Sync using iTunes

Follow these simple steps to setup the sync between the iPhone and the Outlook.

  • First, connect your device to the PC using the original cable and wait for the iTunes to start.
  • Second, now find the source list in iTunes and select your device under the Devices heading.
  • Third, select the Info option and then move into the Calendars option.
  • Fourth, select Sync calendars from and then select the Outlook option from the list. To sync contacts select the options under the Contacts heading.
Sync iPhone with Outlook

Sync iPhone with Outlook

  • Fifth,Now sync as per your requirement by choosing one out of two options offered (All calendars or Selected calendars).
  • At last, click Apply to make sure the changes are saved.

Now the sync has been setup successful and when you connect your device next time then data will be synced automatically.

This is the simplest way of setting up the sync between both but it requires your device to be connected every time. Though you don’t need to do the settings again and again but you need to make sure that the device is connected via cable.

If you don’t like this method then you can try setting up the sync using the HyperOffice. Using this service you can setup wireless sync between your Outlook account and the iDevice.

Using HyperOffice

To setup the sync you need to follow these simple steps,

  1. Go to HyperOffice official link and create a new account. If you already have account there then login with your credentials.
  2. Now first setup Sync between the HyperOffice and the Outlook by following the instructions under the HyperShare option.
  3. Now select the Mobile Sync option under the Settings, click setup and follow the instructions to setup your device.
  4. You will receive a security code on your device, enter it and now select the things you need to sync.
  5. Once you are done setting up device and data to sync then click on Add Account and then select the Microsoft Exchange.
  6. Now enter your email ID and password to login with the HyperOffice and then under the new server field, enter and select Next.
  7. At last, select the data you want to sync and that’s it.

Now your data is sync with your Outlook account. You don’t need to connect your device every time as this service is based on cloud computing.

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