Top Health and Fitness Android Apps

Top Health and Fitness Android Apps:Smartphone apps are there to keep you fit and healthy. These apps can be installed as al traditional apps and they will keep track of your health by simply choosing few options. You can count your heart rate by simply taking picture of your finger. These apps don’t require any other hardware/equipment to keep track of your health.

Although there are lots of apps available in this category but it’s always better to go for the top apps. These apps have been trusted from lakhs of users and included in the list here due to the positive ratings and reviews they received.

Endomondo Sports Tracker PRO – cycling, walking and running can be tracked by this app. It will keep track of the path you walked or ran today and also show you the distance. The app is simple to use and it is the most rated and recommended one. This app is paid one so you need to pay for that but you can try the free version in starting.

My Tracks – this app is from Google and it is also there to keep track of the distance, path and speed you either walked or ran today. It will also track your path while you are travelling. The app can be used to keep track of the distance and this data will help you in keeping an eye on your health and fitness. You can also share these data to your social network easily within the app. The app is available for free and it’s the single version i.e. no pro version is developed yet.

Runtastic PRO – this app is also used to keep track of your running related stuff. The app is paid one but you can go for the free version as well. It can also tell you the calories you burn while running or walking.

Instant Heart Rate – Pro – you don’t need any other equipment to measure the heart rate. This app will take a picture of your hand and will tell you the heart rate. The data out of the app is nearly accurate all the time and the app is trusted and approved from millions of doctors. You can also try the free version or go for this paid version.

Calorie Counter PRO MyNetDiary – for the appropriate digestive plan keeping eye on calories is must. This app will help you and will make your life easier. The app doesn’t have any ads and it also tells you about the food stuff you need to eat to keep your health and fitness on track.

Gymrat: Workout Planner & Log – this app will tell you lots of cardio and other exercises which will keep you fit and fine. The app will keep track of glucose level, blood pressure and pulse. Using the app you can even measure your body and keep track of them. So the app has total package included but you need to pay to install it.

HealthTap – this one is my favorite and I personally used it. Health can go down anytime of anyone but if we get proper attention and advice from doctor then we can come back to work fast. There are about 32k US doctors available to answer your health related questions and they will also add important tips to your knowledge. You can either join a chat room with the doctor or you can ask the community where a specialized doctor can answer you. The app is available for free and recommended one. 

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