How Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant works?

How Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant works?

Although it was launched only after three months, the vast majority of users are familiar with From Windows 8 since it was in development when they had the opportunity to test preview versions released Microsoft: Overview Development, Overview of consumption if Preview Release. In addition, Microsoft has launched a Trial from Enterprise RTM version of Windows 8 whether users can use Free daily 90 them.

Windows 8 is now available for purchase in stores and online, and also it comes preinstalled on new computers or touch screen phones like tablets or smart phones.

If you buy a computer preinstalled Windows 8 is already (obviously) compatible with the new operating system but if you want to upgrade to Windows 8 on a computer that already in your possession, you must first check that it meets system requirements (If hardware systems support Windows 8).

To help users Microsoft has launched a mobile utility, assistant upgrade Windows 8 with which they can check the compatibility of computer comes with Windows 8 New.

How can you check if your computer is compatible with Windows 8 Wizard upgrade of Windows 8?

When you run Upgrade Assistant Windows 8 for the first time, the utility scans are hardware and computer software is installed it, then it will display a report which contains information compatible with Windows 8.

Assistant Windows 8

 Windows 8  Upgrade Assistant

To find out details on applications and/or devices that are compatible or incompatible with Windows 8, click on the link Compatibility View details.

In addition, Deputy Upgrade Windows 8 help Choose What to Keep Windows settings, installed applications and personal files.

Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant

Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant

Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant

Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant

Finally, using the wizard to upgrade Windows 8 can download the installation image (If you already have a license for Windows 8) Or Order Online DVD with Windows 8.

Download Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant

Note: If you want to upgrade to Windows 7 from Windows 8, system settings, installed applications and personal files can be transferred easily, but if you upgrade from Windows Vista or Windows XP, you must reinstall applications on the new system.

If you already have installed Windows 8 and not ISO file you created or the Stick: Do not panic! The downloader for Microsoft Windows 8 loads after entering the serial number of Windows 8 down again and then gives it to stop, that you want to create an ISO file, or a bootable USB stick.

The stick is bootable, and from this you can start a PC with a blank hard disk. The ISO must be burned to a DVD only bootable. Goes with burning programs mentioned here in no time. The upgrade DVD/the stick behaves like a normal full version and can be installed on a bare hard drive, I just tested myself.

I hope this information helps you. Clean Install (new installation) is possible even without the presence of a previous installation. Who has not read it yet: Windows 8 Media Pack, there are free .

Those who have problems activating should try this here:

  1. Start Regedit (press WIN + R, type regedit)
  2. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / Software / Microsoft / Windows / CurrentVersion / Setup / OOBE visit
  3. Media Boot Install from 1 to 0
  4. On Windows, press ALT + X again to the command prompt as administrator to start
  5. Type slmgr / rearm
  6. Reboot

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